Reputation: The ROTC program at UNR has a strong reputation, both regionally and nationally. In the audio clip below Lieutenant Colonel Minuado explains why he thinks UNR’s ROTC program is so successful in developing sound officers, while also touching on the structure and material presented in ROTC.



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Curriculum: Considering the purpose of ROTC is for the development of future Army officers, leadership is understandably a major component within the curriculum of ROTC. In addition to in class materials on military history and tactics, cadets participate in field exercises designed to craft leadership skills. In the following audio clip Master Sergeant Little provides insight on ROTC labs:


  • Lieutenant Colonel Minuado explains the critical thinking component that is key to ROTC curriculum:


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Reward: Working with cadets during the years of their undergraduate career and seeing their transformation and evolution is a rewarding experience for the ROTC instructors.

  • Master Sergeant Little explains what it is like to witness a cadet evolve in the ROTC program over the years:


Full interviews can be accessed here.