In the fall of 2014 the In Class, In Uniform project transitioned towards the evaluation of students enrolled in the University of Nevada, Reno’s ROTC program. UNR’s Reserve Officers’ Training Corp, ROTC, introduces university students to the armed forces through class room and field exercises. As student-cadets that are selected and contracted, they minor in Military Science and earn the rank of Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army upon successful graduation from UNR. The campus experiences of ROTC cadets have similarities as well as differences when compared with student-Veterans. Both embody and interact with academic and military culture, yet ROTC cadets differ in the fact that though they are training and studying to become Army officers, they have not served in the armed forces in the same official capacities that student-Veterans have. Therefore, UNR ROTC cadets represent a unique student group to explore, reflecting and juxtaposing their experiences, challenges, and opinions with those of student-Veterans.

Full interviews with UNR ROTC cadets and their instructors, as well as other interviews from the In Class, In Uniform project can be accessed at the UNR Shared History Program online archive:



The UNR Shared History Program would like to thank Lieutenant Colonel Minuado, his staff, the cadets in the program, and everyone affiliated with UNR ROTC that took the time to participate in the In Class, In Uniform project. For more information about UNR’s ROTC program visit their website at: