The following interviewees were students at the University of Nevada Reno at the time of the John F. Kennedy Assassination and recall their experience on campus:


  • Sheila Linn, the donor of the physical material on this site and wife of Travis Linn, shares her experience of the JFK assassination.  She was a student at UNR and was taking a test in class when she heard the news.


  •  Nancy Pfaff discusses her experience of the Assassination of JFK.  She was in class on campus upon hearing the news and she discusses her perspective on the assassination both at the time and in subsequent years.


  • Muree Reafs was part of a group of nursing students on a trip to Travis Air Force Base for a recruitment trip when she found out about the assassination of JFK. This interview explores her experience on the day of, and the subsequent effects that the assassination had on her life.


  • Larry Struve, UNR Alumni, discusses the impact that the Assassination had on him and his fellow classmates. He also explores how his perspective has developed over time.  He also wrote a book called In the Shadow of Camelot which highlights the reflections of Mr. Struve and his classmates at the time of the assassination.


  • Patty Bengtson was a student on the UNR campus when she heard about the assassination and was told as she walked across the “old” quad. In this oral history,  she shares her feelings upon hearing the news.


  •  Carol Crew “vividly” remembers the assassination of JFK.  She was a journalism student at the time and she heard the United Press International and Associated Press wire machines going off at UNR when she heard the news.  She examines her perspective of the assassination and notes her appreciation of being a part of living history.