Travis Linn

The Legacy of Travis Linn at UNR and Beyond

Travis Linn has left us a legacy of remembrance. His presence as an individual and as a leader are still felt in the places that he touched; he changed the lives of many people on the UNR campus and beyond. Travis’ career was an overwhelming success beginning at age fifteen at KTEM radio in Temple Texas and culminating in his role on the UNR campus.  He was the first Dean of Journalism at the University and invested his time and energy in his students and the college. He was forward thinking and influential in the areas of technology and journalism; a true visionary. He contributed the University of Nevada Reno in various ways including his involvement in the building of the Reynolds School of Journalism.

Aerial of Upper Quad

Travis Linn was in Dallas during and after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in November 1963, having begun his fulltime career as a broadcast journalist in 1962. His collection of artifacts, which were the driving force behind both a physical exhibit and this virtual one, touches future generations with the legacy of his remembrance.   He covered the assassination and following events such as the trial of Jack Ruby. His thoughts on that day can be accessed through the letter he wrote to his friends and family immediately following the tragedy. These thoughts greatly contribute to our own perception of Collective Memory, and the way in which remembrance is shaped by individual experience.

Quotes from Travis’ letter, and additional artifacts from Dallas can be accessed here:   That Day in Dallas

Access information on the physical exhibit here: About

Travis recognized the importance of memory and the ways in which technology contributes to that memory including the areas of knowledge, remembrance, and community. He assisted the Reynolds School of Journalism to launch its own website which was built by him and colleagues Jean Trumbo, Dierck Caselman, Donica Mensing and others. He became an advocate of new information technologies on campus. A computer lab was dedicated to Travis in 1999 to honor this commitment to technology. We are proud to be part of Travis’ legacy and attempt to honor him through the creation of this website. To use one of his own phrases, “Fire, Ready, Aim.”