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Northern Nevadans remember Kennedy’s assassination

Joe Crowley, former University of Nevada, Reno president, was a teacher’s assistant when he heard a radio report that President John F. Kennedy was shot.

UNR exhibit preserves collective memory of tragic day

Mitchell, along with dozens of university faculty and guests, attended a reception Tuesday unveiling the “Linn Exhibit,” established by the University of Nevada, Reno history department’s newly created Shared History Program.

Shared History Exhibit (video)

Station: KRXI (FOX); Time: 11/20/2013 11:06:24 PM; Local Viewership: 2,165; Show: Fox 11 News 11 at 11

John F. Kennedy Exhibit Unveiled At University of Nevada

The 50th anniversary is coming up this Friday, and the University of Nevada is highlighting that in a new exhibit that was unveiled Tuesday. It has a number of items, including works from the late Travis Linn, who was a radio reporter for WFAA in Dallas. He covered the arrival of President Kennedy before the assassination.

Travis Linn Shared History Exhibit opening

Station: KTVN (CBS); Time: 11/19/2013 11:03:18 PM; Local Viewership: 12,746; Show: Channel 2 News 11PM

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