Church Buildings at Stewart Indian School

corpus christi

“Policymakers believed that in one generation they could completely eliminate Indian culture by removing children from their homes and educating them in boarding schools.” —Bonnie Thompson


In the 1940s, members of the Sisters of the Holy Family, a religious order from San Francisco, started missionary work at Stewart Indian school. The Sisters worked at the Corpus Christi mission and directed student religious education during their time at Stewart.  In 1949, the Catholic Bishop of Reno granted permission for a church at Stewart Indian School to be built.  This church was opened in 1950 and named Corpus Christi Catholic Church.  Native American stonemasons built the church.


“Group baptisms were performed in the swimming pool on the Stewart Campus.” —Bonnie Thompson

post sign

Congregations are still active on the Stewart Campus.

Page written by Samantha Throgmorton