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The Shared History Program is an initiative of the History Department at the University of Nevada, Reno. It combines Public, Oral, and Digital history to investigate topics that are generated from both scholarly research projects and community initiatives. We seek to make students of history marketable in the age of technology and present historical research in alternative formats; we do this by combining the rigor of traditional scholarship and the creativity of innovative design and presentation.

Recently Added Items

Samantha Szesciorka


Trail Notes from Samantha Szesciorka on the Nevada Discovery Ride including challenges and rewarding experiences from the trail.

Rupert, Ben and John Interview

Rupert Interview Part 1.m4a

Dr. Anita Watson Interviews Mr. Ben Rupert and his son, John. They speak of Nevada Native Heritage, lineage, culture, traditional arts, and Fancy…

Breuner, Clay Interview

Breuner, Clay Interview.m4a

Mr. Breuner discusses his memories of hydroplane boat racing in his youth.