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Reinventing Basque Identity

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Reinventing Basque Identity


This collection explores aspects of the Basque experience both home and abroad.


Shared History Program


Shared History Program, University of Nevada, Reno




Items in the Reinventing Basque Identity Collection

Inaki Arrieta Baro talks about his childhood in the Basque country and shares his view on the Basque terrorist and separatist group ETA.

Dr. Xabier Irujo, co-director of the Center for Basque Studies at the University of Nevada, Reno discusses his family's exile from the Basque Country, as well as the current political climate in the area.

Ziortza talks about her childhood in the Basque country, her move to the United States and her relationship with the Basque Diaspora community

Kate Camino, employee of the Center for Basque Studies and teacher of Basque language courses discusses a wide variety of topics. She speaks of her experience with the language, as well as other aspects of Basque culture.

Marie Louise Lekumberry, owner of JT's Basque Bar and Grill in Gardenerville, NV discusses various Basque related topics. She details the setting of a proper Basque table, speaks on growing up Basque, and tells of the importance of