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Memories of a Tragedy: The Assassination of John F. Kennedy

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Memories of a Tragedy: The Assassination of John F. Kennedy


The JFK Assassination


The interviews in this collection showcase the Collective American Memory of the Assassination and they range from UNR campus oral histories to National histories. The collection was donated by Sheila Linn and the oral histories were collected by UNR students. Please visit the website associated with this collection:

Memory of a Tragedy:  The Assassination of JFK


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November 1963
Fall 2013
Spring 2014


Newspapers, Photographs, Oral Histories, Videos, and


JFK Assassination


Collective Memory
JFK Assassination

Items in the Memories of a Tragedy: The Assassination of John F. Kennedy Collection

Photos that depict Kennedy in life, and the American memory of his death.

This This project stemmed from the physical Linn exhibit that was unveiled on November 19, 2013, and relies on the memories of people who were there, the legacy of the Linn collection, and the historical analysis of American collective memory.

Larry Struve, UNR Alumni, discusses the impact that the Assassination had on him and his fellow classmates. He also explores how his perspective has developed over time. He also wrote a book called In the Shadow of Camelot which highlights the…

Nancy Pfaff discusses her experience of the Assassination of JFK. She was in class on campus upon hearing the news and she discusses her perspective on the assassination both at the time and in subsequent years.

Patty Bengtson was a student on the UNR campus when she heard about the assassination and was told as she walked across the “old” quad. In this oral history, she shares her feelings upon hearing the news.