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This collection of interviews houses memories of recreational experiences at Lake Tahoe in the 20th century.  The interviewees are past or present members of the Lake Tahoe Community, and in their interviews they recount memories of summer and winter recreation at Lake Tahoe, as well as their experiences living part-time or year-round at the lake.

The following interviews were conducted by students of the Public History Course (HIST 311) at the University of Nevada, Reno.


July 3, 2015: Marshall Kraus




Mr. Kraus recounts his recreational experiences at Lake Tahoe, especially boat racing.  He is the original owner of “The Orange Crate,” and started the unofficial junior league races associated with the Tahoe Yacht Club.   Interview conducted by Amparo Arisa Mifune-Gutierrez.


July 3, 2015:  Steve Watson



Mr. Watson recounts his experiences at Lake Tahoe in his youth and with his own family.  This includes watching boat races, hiking, camping, boating, and his general cultural experience of the Lake Tahoe recreational lifestyle.  Interview conducted by Daniel Nicolini.


July 3, 2015:  Edward Scott


Mr. Scott recounts his experiences of Lake Tahoe recreation, especially boating and boat racing.  He is the current owner of the “Orange Crate” and an active member of the boating community.  Interview conducted by Cooper Smith.


July 7, 2015:  Toni Harsh


Part 1:

Part 2:


Mrs. Harsh recounts her recreation experiences at Lake Tahoe in her youth and with her own family.  She talks about her memories of wooden boats, water-skiing with her children, and what she did for fun as a teenager at Lake Tahoe.  Interview conducted by Erika Root.



July 6, 2015:  David Achey


Mr. Achey recounts his experiences working in the Ski industry at Lake Tahoe, as well as his experience with sailing.  He accounts the importance and measures of the lake’s preservation, including reducing pollution, environmental hazards, and snow making.  Interview conducted by Wahida Neela.


July 9, 2015: David (Dave) Breuner

breuner photo

Mr. Breuner discusses his memories of participation in youth boat racing at Lake Tahoe.  He also talks about the importance of Lake Tahoe to generations of his family.  Interview conducted by Christina Roberts.


July 14, 2015:  Clay Breuner


Mr. Breuner discusses his memories of hydroplane boat racing in his youth.  Interview conducted by Christina Roberts.


July 3, 2015:  Bill Aten





Mr. Aten recounts his experiences at Lake Tahoe.  Work, camping, watching boat races, skiing, snowmobiling, fishing, boating. He also talks about environmentalism and its impact on Lake Tahoe.  Interview conducted by Jon Labuda.