For A Brief History:

The Maker & Moss “Lake Tahoe Wood Map” Image:

The Manataka Indian Council’s information on the Washoe Tribe:

The Nevada Historical Society (pictures):

The Tahoe Historical Society (pictures):

Peter Goin’s Stopping Time-A Rephotographic Story of Lake Tahoe at the Nevada Online Encyclopedia (pictures):

For Recreation:

The Tahoe Maritime Museum:

For Environment:

League to Save Lake Tahoe:

“Keep Tahoe Blue” Sticker Image:

USDA Forest Service “Clean, Drain, and Dry”  Image:

Lake Tahoe EIP Invasive Species Program:

Other Resources:

Heading image is courtesy of Special Collections, University of Nevada Reno Libraries.

Special Thanks:

To Donnelyn Curtis, Director of Research Collections & Services at Special Collections at University of Nevada Reno: for so many of the photographs used on this site as well as the header image.

To Christine Johnson, Ph.D. at the Nevada Historical Society: for all the help and resources in completing this project, as well as working closely with our students to provide opportunities for hands-on historical experience.

To our interviewees for their time, stories, and willingness to share.

To the students of History 311 for their research and hard work of conducting and transcribing interviews, as well as creating the Exhibit.